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Here is a selection of the material that influenced the thinking for “technology to enable older people to live independent and productive lives at home for longer.”  


[1]        For Australian demographics and trends: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census 2011 and various research papers.  For USA trends, various sources, including MIT AgeLab.  For other overseas countries, the World Health Organisation.

[2]        Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2009, “Aged care packages in the community 2007- 08”, Aged Care Statistics Series Number 29, Canberra, October

[3]        U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2000). Healthy People 2010. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.

[4]        The PITCH study.  Predictors Influencing The Change in Health Status of Elderly in Community Care.  A 12-month research project exploring the health status of clients receiving community aged care packages.  A prospective longitudinal observational study.  Final Report. Baptcare and Monash University.  May 2008.

[5]        Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2009, “Aged care packages in the community 2007- 08”, Aged Care Statistics Series Number 29, Canberra, October

Baby Boomers:

[6]        Cullen, David, 2008, "Factoring the cost of aged care into retirement planning", Australian Department of Health and Ageing.

[7]        Focalyst, "How Well Do You Know Boomers? Counting Down the Top 10 Myths", Insight report, Focalyst, April 2008

[8]        Fujitsu, 2007, "A Generational Shift; The next wave of Aged Care" Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand, October 

[9]        Walters, Kath, 2008, "Old Gold" BRW, Issue No. 7, July 24th - 30th

Community development:

[10]     Asset-Based Community Development – examples of successful community development – for a basis of this approach see McKnight and Kretzmann’s guidebook “Building Communities from the Inside out”. ACTA Publishing Skokie,1993. 

[11]     Social connectedness and rural ageing.  Baynes, Orpin & Walker. University Of Tasmania.  Australasian Journal on Ageing. Vol 29, Supplement 2, Nov 2010.

[12]     Human infrastructure in health: a commentary on networks of supports. Heidi Muenchenberger et al Australian Health Review, 2010, 34, 340-342

Consumer participation:

[13]     The World Health Organisation (WHO) has promoted community involvement in health (CIH), or participation, for decades.  The 1976 Alma Ata declaration made participation a central feature of primary health care.  The Harare declaration of 1987 outlined CIH as a process of direct public involvement in health systems, not only strengthening people’s own capabilities, but also re-orientating political and health systems to support such participation – see or KAHSSAY HM, OAKLEY P. Community involvement in health development: a review of concept and practice. ISBN 92 4 156193 9 WHO 1999.

[14]     Consumer Focus Collaboration 2001. “The evidence supporting consumer participation in health” National Body.  DHS, Victoria.

[15]     Department of Human Services, 2002. “Consumer, Carer and Community Participation 2002.”  A supplementary report on Primary Care Partnerships, Victoria.

Age-friendly cities / communities:

[16]     Checklist of Essential Features of Age-Friendly Cities. Published by the World Health Organisation 2007. WHO/FCH/ALC/2007.1

[17]     Global age-friendly cities: a guide.  World Health Organisation. 2007

[18]     No man (or woman) is an island.  Carey, C. COTA, ACT Survey on the public reaction to the establishment of a Virtual Village.  Australasian Journal on Ageing. Vol 29, Suplmt 2, 2010.

[19]     “What really matters? A guide to person-centred excellence”.  Application for Services for Older Adults. The Council on Quality and Leadership. 2010.

[20]     Czischke, Darinka & Pittini, Alice, 2008, "Ageing & Housing in the European Union" CECODHAS European Social housing Observatory, Year 1-special issue, April

[21]     Supportive communities for older people: Literature review and appendix Work done by SP/Lincoln/JRI. 2011

[22]     Ageing in Place, Supportive Communities, Ronit Nisenboim, Deputy Director of Housing, JDCJDC - ESHEL

Attitudes to ageing:

[23]     Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors.  Family and Development Committee, Parliament of Victoria. Aug 2012. PP No. 157.

[24]     Active ageing: a policy framework. Geneva. World Health organisation. 2002 (

[25]     Aged Services Learning and Research Centre.  Re-ablement of Older People in North Coast NSW.  Report to NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC). July 2009.

[26]     National Seniors Australia, 2008, "AdvantAGE Australia: Maximising the potential of an ageing population", National Seniors

[27]     'Who Gets HACC 2004-2006' DHS (State Govt Vic)


[28]     Ageing well in a digital world.  Russell, H. University of Technology, Sydney. Austrlaian Journal on Ageing, Vol 29, Supplement 2, November 2010.

[29]     Technology for Aging in Place. 2012 Market Overview. Laurie M Orlov, Principal Analyst. Aging in Place Technology Watch. Nov 2012.

Health literacy:

[30]     Barber, M., Staples, M., Osborne, R., Clerehan, R., Elder, C., & Buchbinder, R. (2009). Up to a quarter of the Australian population may have suboptimal health literacy depending upon the measurement tool: Results from a population-based survey. Health Promotion International, 24(3), 252-261.

[31]     Exploring learning barriers experienced by older adults. Sze Li Erica Eng and Susan Ronaldson. Australian Nursing Journal (October 2010).

[32]     Nutbeam, D. (2000). Health literacy as a public health goal: A challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century. Health Promotion International, 15(3), 259-267. doi:10.1093/heapro/15.3.259

[33]     Australian Government. Department of Health and Ageing. (2011). Primary Health Care Reform in Australia - Report to Support Australia’s First National Primary Health Care Strategy. Element 2: Patient-centred and supportive of health literacy, self-management and individual preference.

Workforce and Productivity:

[34]     Cullen, David, 2008, "Factoring the cost of aged care into retirement planning", Australian Department of Health and Ageing

[35]     Productivity Commission, 2008, "Trends in Aged Care Services: Some Implications" [overview], Commission research paper, Canberra, Australian Government, September

[36]     Barnett, Kate, 2008, "Double Jeopardy - the aged care workforce in an ageing world", ABC Radio National, Transcript, viewed 20th November, 2008,

[37]     National Seniors Australia, 2008, "AdvantAGE Australia: Maximising the potential of an ageing population", National Seniors

[38]     Advisory panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians (2011) “Realising the economic potential of senior Australians: Turning grey into gold”. Canberra.

[39]     The Future of Aged Care in Australia September 2010 - A public policy discussion paper prepared for National Seniors Australia by Access Economics.

[40]     Ewart, Heather, 2008, "Aged Care Crisis", The 7.30 Report, ABC Transcript, Nov 2008,

[41]     Gray A. Population ageing and health care expenditure. Ageing Horizons 2005; (2): 15-20.

Aged Care Trends & Statistics:

[42]     Marmot MG. Improvement of social environment to improve health. Lancet 1998.

[43]     Caring places: planning for aged care and dementia 2010-2050, Volume 1, July 2010, Access Economics.

[44]     Dementia Risk Reduction: The Evidence Alzheimer’s Australia Paper 13  September 2007.

[45]     The Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration Residential and Community Aged Care in Australia (Commonwealth of Australia April 2009).

[46]     OVERVIEW OF EVIDENCE RELATING TO SHIFTING THE BALANCE OF CARE: A CONTRIBUTION TO THE KNOWLEDGE BASE Lucy Johnston, Clare Lardner and Ruth Jepson Scottish Government Social Research 2008.

[47]     Social Isolation Kills, But How and Why? Psychosomatic Medicine 63:273–274 (2001) p.273. 0033-3174/01/6302-0273 Copyright © 2001 by the American Psychosomatic Society.

[48]     Recorded Health conditions (Assessments for RAC and Packaged Care).

[49]     A Healthier Future For All Australians: Interim Report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (December 2008).

[50]     Healthcare Planning for an Aging World by Christine Owen (January 2009).

[51]     Human infrastructure in health: a commentary on networks of support (Australian Health Review journal 2010)

[52]     Bleak House, Threats to sustainability and equity in residential care for older Australians, Final Draft January 2008

[53]     National Aged Care Alliance Issues Paper The Aged Care – Health Care Interface (March 2003).

[54]     Aged care packages in the community 2006–07, A statistical overview.

[55]     Clients and services: what the data tells us (Dept of Health VIC, 2011).

[56]     Background Paper: A Review of our Social Context (July 2009

[57]     Wellness and Restorative Model of Care Project. BACKGROUND PAPER (UnitingCare Ageing NSW.ACT).

[58]     Grant Thornton - Aged care survey 2008.

[59]     Pain in Older People Reflections and experiences from an older person’s perspective by Arun Kumar and Dr Nick Allcock (Help the Aged, 2008).

[60]     InnovationXchange: Ageing Well - a discussion starter.

[61]     AHURI Report:The costs and benefits of using private housing as the ‘home base’ for care for older people: secondary data analysis (2008).

[62]     AHURI Report: The implications of loss of a partner for older private renters (2008).

[63]     AHURI Report: The impact of home maintenance and modification services on health, community care and housing outcomes in later life (2008).

[64]     Productivity Commission, 2008, "Trends in Aged Care Services: Some Implications" [overview], Commission research paper, Canberra, Australian Government, September

[65]     Aged & Community Care Victoria, 2008, "The Aged care Industry in 2016: Caulfield Racecourse", Visioning Workshop, Aged and Community Care Victoria


[66]     Williamson, Toby. 2008, "Dementia: Out of the Shadows" Alzheimer's Society

[67]     Catholic Health Australia, 2008, "Aged Care Policy Blueprint for 2020", Catholic Health Australia, Nov 2008

[68]     Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional development, 2008, " Innovation: Victoria's future - The Victorian Innovation Statement", Victorian Government

[69]     FMA, 2008, "Building the Future: Health and Aged Care", Facility Management Association of Australia, April – May

[70]     National Health & Hospitals Reform Commission, 2008, "A Healthier Future for all Australians - Interim report", Commonwealth of Australia, December


[71]     Faircloth, Doug. & McNair, Jodie, 2007, "Aged Care Housing Option: Preliminary Demand Appraisal Report", (unpublished). Verso Consulting pty Ltd, November

[72]     id, "Older Persons Housing Profile - Maribyrnong" (unpublished) prepared for Maribyrnong City Council, id Consulting pty ltd

[73]     Poplar HARCA 2009, "Rebuilding Neighbourhoods: The poplar ARCA Story", Housing and Regeneration Community Association,

[74]     Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Health expenditure Australia 2003–04. Health Expenditure Series No. 25. Canberra: AIHW, 2005. (AIHW Catalogue No. HWE 32.) Available at:

[75]     Economist article: 2008, "Into the Sunset: End-of-life care", Economist, pp58 – 59

[76]     Roos N, Burchill C, Carriere K. Who are the high hospital users? A Canadian case study. J Health Serv Res Policy, 2003; 8: 5-10. <PubMed>.

[77]     Partnership approach for remote Aboriginal community care, Shadforth et al.  WA Cenre for Health and Ageing, University of WA, Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services Council, Broome, Alzheimers Association, WA. National Ageing Research Institute, Melbourne, Centre for Remote Health, Alice Springs. 2010.

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